Was I selfish when I begged you to stay?
Maybe you were preparing me for this day?
A day where there will no longer be a you,
A day when the sun refuses to shine and life won't bloom.
O dear soul you may have been smart,
But are you aware of my falling apart?
Days have turned into numbers that I eagerly count,
Praying we can reunite so my heart will be sound.
Staring at a picture of your captivating laugh,
Only reminds me how these cherished memories won't ever come back.
God surely takes those He loves first,
So I pray you're in a world where you will never hurt.


In the moment...

Thoughts rushing
like a highway chase
Searching around
to find my fate
Confused and lost
without a doubt
But without pain
would I have been found?
Looking through a deep tunnel
not seeing around
Darkness is blinding
but brightness surrounds
The calmness of the wave
seems to deceive well
Feeling safe at ease
until the time comes to tell
Comfort in this life
is never still
Only an illusion to die for
a misleading thrill