Mind run...

So... It's been a while since I came back to this journal. They say writing down what's on your mind can be quite therapeutic, so I am attempting to see if this theory is accurate. Sometimes you feel like venting to a close person is the best way to ease your mind and soul...but maybe that might not be true. Majority of the time you come to realize that human beings are fascinating creatures that thrive on "I scratch your back, you scratch mine".. which does not discount me from the example.. Other times you will notice that it is therapeutic for the individual offering the advice because they are able to gain insight from the person on the receiving end, in making them feel content and better with their personal lives. As much as we hate to admit it..human beings are selfish beings. Humans thrive on this glorious curse named the "ego". The ego, being attractive to some for the purpose of power and authority, serves most of the time as the root of all evils. That being because humans were not created to be in control of other humans. The ego is the source of "I want...I want.." and it really starts to get scary when an ego adapts to these circumstances and suddenly says, "I need.. I can't live without.." You see, human beings as innocent as they come across, have an innate desire that was put in us for the very fulfilling purpose of living this so called puzzle named "life". This desire was not placed by accident or to create a disharmony in society. Our desires have a deeper implication towards why we truly were placed here in this shallow life of physicalities and materialism. Some may wonder.. why? Or what is the point of desires if they were not meant to be satisfied

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